Chadi Mansi
Lead Photographer/Editor, NY Based

I photograph faces, hmm, people. They're the most interesting subject I've found so far! If you can think of anything more interesting, do let me know! Now, where to father was a watchmaker. I grew up watching him disassemble a complex time machine filled with a million pieces and then delicately putting them all back! This is how I approach your wedding day--by taking precious moments and intertwining them all to create your own unique story. You’ll often catch me behind the camera, but you may also see me sipping on an espresso martini. Honestly, they own me, and I’m fine with that.

In 2010, I started shooting weddings, and there's NO TURNING BACK! People have told me I make them feel comfortable in front of my camera, which I am super proud of. It’s the people I work with that make the beautiful moments come true—the mother's tears when fixing a bride’s dress, the first look between two people UHH! The energy and emotions I experience on your special day are so priceless to me! Simply I'm ALIVE shooting your wedding. And I’m so honored to keep those moments alive forever!


Studio Manager, NY based

I’m the studio manager of Mansi Studios. Before you ask, no, I didn’t get hit by a frying pan, and yes, I love to cuddle and sleep. I’m tough but sweet and am actually quite independent. But my main job is to help Chadi when he edits the photos of all the beautiful people. I wish I could go to all the weddings, but it’s true. Chadi’s work makes me feel like I was there. My favorite part of his photography is that I can always see and feel the love between the couples he works with. If I don’t answer your phone call, I’m probably sleeping. Please leave a message, and I’ll get back to you!

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