Chadi Mansi
Lead Photographer/Editor, NY Based

•I wake up to drink coffee.
•Brides have told me I make them feel comfortable in front of my camera which something I’m proud of.
•Expresso Martinis own me and I’m fine with that.
•My father was a watchmaker, guess how many watches do I have!
•I watched almost every Tom Hanks movie.
•I used to be a jazz/Blues person BUT oh I traveled to ibiza twice!
•I find excuses to travel, if your wedding is happening outside of NY that would be one of my favorites!
•I sing in the shower/car/almost everywhere. 
•Got my first tattoo, designing my second.


Studio Manager, NY based

•I’m biting Chadi’s feet right now.
•You can add me to your wedding package, but if  you can afford me...
•Come visit me and let’s cuddle.
•I love my job (sleeping).
•I Love Chadi.
•I’m very independent.
•I look tougher than I actually am, but admit it I’m sweet.
•I sleep more than Chadi do.
•No I wasn’t hit by a frying pan on my head.